The head of the show

The head of the show

As AP Coordinator, Mrs. Carlson works hard to ensure the AP testing process runs smoothly. Not only is Carlson the AP Coordinator, but also an English 10, and Honors English 11 teacher, and the English Department Co-Chair.

Jessica Xilo, Parents & Teachers Editor

As the Advanced Placement Coordinator, Christina Carlson has concluded another successful May testing period and has helped several AP students seeking college credit.


In addition to teaching Honors English 11, she is responsible for making sure that everything runs according to plan. So that the work is manageable, she relies both on teachers and students’ cooperation.


“I visit some of the classes so that there is a ‘captive audience’ and other students are summoned,” Carlson said. “Teachers have a vested interested, so they are willing to help.”


During her experience as both the AP Coordinator and proctor, she also recognizes the fact that teachers are a significant part of the process.


“If the answers could just be found in a textbook or study book, all classes would be on-line,” the English teacher said. “Students need classroom experience to truly master a subject.”


Students that are relatively new to the AP experience notice the organization and the work involved with making sure individuals are prepared.


Senior Alejandra Lopez took her first exam this year for AP Spanish Language.


“Everything was well-organized and I liked the fact that there were different breaks in between sections,” Lopez said. “About three people had trouble with their recorders, but aside from that everything else was good.”


While concentrating on AP schedules and necessary tasks, Carlson also ensures that her English classes follow assignments prepared in advance.


“She expects students to do work on their own which helps prepare us for college. She answers all your questions and doesn’t ignore any student,” junior Joyce Kang said. “Her deadlines split up the work so that it is easier.”


With a full schedule, order is crucial. Luckily, Carlson is able to avoid stress with the help of individuals such as her senior teacher’s assistant Ashley Aragon.


“I had to go to AP classes to walk them through bubbling their answer documents, alphabetize, and sort the documents and booklets, and make sure all answer documents and booklets were accounted for,” Aragon said. “Overall, I loved being Mrs. Carlson’s TA because I enjoyed helping her out and her company. She has the biggest heart and she is one of the sweetest people I have ever met.”


Every year, Carlson carries out multiple responsibilities, but the support she receives eases the transitions. Her experience has developed throughout the years and has contributed a stress free environment for several AP students.