CTE Programs: Law Enforcement

Downey High School’s Saturday Law Enforcement course prepares students for future careers in the field and also teaches students about different laws and law enforcement procedures. Information is provided through slideshows, videos, hands on activities, like working with fingerprints, and class discussions. Students also visit the Downey Police Department in order to see the action, talk to working police officers, and get in depth explanations of some of the processes in law enforcement. “I talk about both negative and positive aspects of law enforcement and let the students draw their own conclusions,” Law Enforcement teacher, Mr. Kendall, explained. “I want the students to get a look at the whole picture and to teach the kids more aspects of what law enforcement is about.” 


The course sets students up with a sound background knowledge that can support a plethora of professions. “A lot of [students] want to get into the FBI [or] the secret service; they want to become law enforcement or they want to become an attorney,” Kendall said. “Some just want to get to know what their rights are.”