The Downey Legend

Striking Vikings Back in Season

Erik Damadian, Writer March 19, 2023

Downey High School is home to our very own robotics team, The Striking Vikings. The team's most crucial months have been these most recent ones as they get ready for their competition in Utah. Our robotics...

Kali Uchis’ “Red Moon in Venus”

Erik Damadian, Writer March 19, 2023

   Colombian-American singer and songwriter, Karly-Marina Loaiza, also known as Kali Uchis, announced her third studio album to drop on March 3rd, 2023. The album is titled Red Moon in Venus and...

Ms. Wilkenfeld [left] and Mrs. Brumfield [right] pose in front of the school’s official student-designed Black Student Union banner.

Black Student Union

Natalie Corona, Writer March 3, 2023

The Black Student Union is a student organization set up this year that provides an environment for students to become educated on Black history and the value Black people have on our society. It’s...

Its Timmmeee

“Its Timmmeee”

Christian Vega, Illustrator December 7, 2022

Do You Stand ?

Do You Stand ?

Our Culture: Spanish Heritage Month

California’s Record-Breaking September

Erik Damadian, Writer November 2, 2022

Due to the current climate change crisis, caused by greenhouse gasses, the state of California experienced abnormal temperatures during a heat wave in September. This heat wave lasted about an average...

Glamorization of Serial Killers

Abigail Gonzalez, Writer November 2, 2022

In recent years, society has taken a great fascination with one of humanity's darkest sides, serial killers. From documentaries, videos, podcasts, and movies,  these unutterable events are popularly...

Inktober: Nest

Inktober: “Nest”

Lauren Silva, Illustrator October 31, 2022

History of Halloween

Abigail Gonzalez, Writer October 31, 2022

Many celebrate Halloween and only know it to be known for scary movies, candy, costumes, and mischief.  Halloween is one of the most celebrated events, while also being the most known event in which...

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