Russia Places 18+ Age Restriction on Power Rangers

Oscar Flores , Copy Editor

Power Rangers debuted in theaters on March 24 and while it received a PG-13 rating here in the U.S., Russian distributor of the film (WDSSPR) announced that Saban’s Power Rangers would have an 18+ age limit due to the film’s inclusion of a gay character.  


This rating comes from legislator Vitaly Milonov who suggested that the film should be banned due to its content comparing the film to bombs planted inside children’s toys.  The Culture Ministry of Russia also came under fire by Alexei Zhuravlev who criticised them for not being tougher on the film.  


Having heard this slice of news, Marcelo Martir, 10, sees Russia’s decision as an irrational one.


“Well, I just find it ridiculous; I mean like, anyone has a right to love or do anything,” Martir said.  “I haven’t watched the scene yet so I’m not sure if she makes out with anyone or just does anything but unless it is like explicit, you don’t have a right to do that just because they mentioned it.”


Trini, the yellow ranger portrayed by Becky G, questions her sexuality in a brief scene halfway through the film.  Although brief, this scene is the cause for the Russia’s 18+ rating for the film.


A rating change for a film is nothing new in Russia; Beauty and the Beast received a 16+ rating due to Lefou’s sexuality in the film.  Sophomore, Lisa-Marie Lara, sees no justification for Russia’s continual stream of age restrictions for films that don’t align with their views.


“I don’t think it’s justified at all [Russia’s age restrictions], especially with this ‘topic’,” Lara stated.  “Even if you don’t agree with a sexuality, you have no right to completely block it or state it’s not for young children.  Being against gay people isn’t a matter of opinion or agreement, anyways; it’s hatred.  An opinion is not liking cheese.”


At this point, the effect the age restriction will have on the success of the film overseas is yet to be seen.  While Russia’s restriction on Power Rangers is strict, Adrian Soto, 10, does not see the theater chains enforcing the restriction heavily.  


“I think that it’s not going to be that important to them,” Soto said.  “Like it is going to be there but they are not going to be enforcing it.”

As of now, Power Rangers has opened to mixed reviews and earned $77 million at the domestic box office.  No other information regarding the age limit of Power Rangers has been released although this restriction does showcase a trend in Russia’s limits. In 2015, theater chains in Moscow were pushed to introduce local quotas although fellow chains Cinema Park and Formula Kino refused to do so.