When? How about now

Leslie Ruiz, Business Team

Rapper Aubrey Drake Graham, better known as Drake, released three highly anticipated singles on Oct. 25. He had fans waiting on their toes by dropping hints on his Twitter saying, “You should probably keep an eye on that ovosound.com in the next hour…just saying…” and as promised he delivered. Drake is known for rapping, but on the single “How About Now,” he showcased his singing talent. On this single, Drake shows his stereotypical sensitive side along with a mix of rhyming and verses such as, “You ain’t really mess with me way back then but how about now?” The verses are mixed with feelings and thoughts about how a specific someone could not care less about Drake before he hit stardom. He reflects on the fact that he did everything for her and she took it for granted. Following their release, the singles received a lot of attention and raving reviews in a short amount of time. It is just a taste of what is to come from the rapper on his future album Views From The 6, set to release in spring of 2015.