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Leslie Ruiz

Leslie Ruiz, Business Team

Leslie Ruiz is a 17 year old senior joining The Downey Legend for the second time. Ruiz is a part of newspaper’s business team as a public relations manager. Ruiz first joined The Downey Legend her sophomore year and enjoyed it much that she knew she needed to come back. Ruiz was not able to return her junior year because of credits, having to give it up on her junior year she came back senior year. Ruiz remembers the first time she saw the members of The Downey Legend come into her class and talk about joining; Ruiz just knew she had to try it out. “Fundraising and keeping the environment friendly and fun is a goal I want to achieve this year.” Ruiz stated.

Senior Ruiz has many goals; one goal is to graduate from high school with good grades, as well as being able to enjoy newspaper at the same time. Other than watching Netflix Ruiz loves to play soccer with her team outside of DHS. Coming to the end of her school day, Ruiz likes to relax at home either baking or listening to; Drake, Sam Smith and Inene Alko. Once Ruiz is out of high school, she plans to go to a university with the goal of transferring to USC. At USC she is going to study in becoming a teacher or accountant. As Ruiz grows older, her plan is to move into a hipster town to live her life; letting all her hard work and dedication pay off.

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Leslie Ruiz