Culinary Artists


Alejandra Paredes, Student Life Editor

Continuing on with their cooking endeavors, Foods 3, taught by Mrs. Villa, has taken their culinary talents to their upmost potential. Following the cancellation of a contest entry, the class took upon the next task by participating in the Fine Arts and Hors d’oevers Night at the J building on May 26.

Throughout the year, Creative Foods has been learning different techniques for the cooking and preparation of various dishes.

“ I think it’s a really great experience to be able to present what we’re capable of and accomplish an important task,” senior Andrew Pefley said.

In the beginning of the year, Mrs. Villa discussed the Fine Arts and Hors d’oevers Night and what the students needed to accomplish for the day. Volunteers have been worked hard to prepare for the event and its demanding groundwork. They will be served four appetizers and 200 of each: BLT Bruschetta, Cucumber Canapés, Pineapple Shrimp Canapés, and Pineapple Cream Cheese Spread on celery.  Before the event, they practiced making the appetizers to perfect them.

“I use the Julia Child’s Way to Cook series and from these videos, the students make choices about what they want to cook,” Mrs. Villa said.

Mrs. Vila demonstrates diverse procedures when cutting vegetables or when making entrées. For example, when studying a specific vegetable, students familiarize themselves on the proper ways to cut the vegetable and its presentation. Additionally, they have learned how to make bread and put together an assortment of dishes.

“The class is really fun because in Food 1 & 2 we were constantly guided by Mrs. Villa, but in Food 3 we go to do events and be on our own more,” senior Yaritza Lopez said.

The next event on the agenda is a teacher luncheon for about 30 staff members. The menu will consist of a very famous Peruvian stir-fry dish: Lomo Saltado. To comply with the day’s events, students have been working with a Peruvian chef to learn more about the cuisine; specifically, Andrew Pefley, Carlos Sanchez, and Steven Klistoff will collaborate.

The class looks forward to expanding their culinary expertise and hopes to practice their talent for life. Mrs. Villa wants to give them a taste of what the real cooking world will bring.