An expression of individualism

Vanessa Rosas

As an AP student, an active member of the Junior States of America, and the Speech and Debate team, senior Rudy Mendoza leaves a bit of inspiration in all he takes part in. Not only has he been academically successful, throughout his high school career, receiving acceptance into New York University he has become iconic for his style of clothing that is difficult not to admire for the ingenuity each unique piece carries.
“His clothes are eye-catching and original. It’s classy but still keeps an edge to it,” senior Elizabeth Rivas said.
Artists and designers such as the late Alexander McQueen, Andy Warhol, and David La Chapelle are among the few that have motivated Mendoza to express his creativity to the fullest extent. Lady GaGa, however, has remained the most influential to him. Her outlandish outfits and top-charting songs have never failed to leave Mendoza in complete awe.
“His style isn’t common and I think that’s what’s so good about it,” junior Samuel Landgrave said.
His passion did not reach its turning point until his junior year. It was then that he created his own style and broke away from the norm.
“I was aware, and somewhat obsessed, with brands and labels, but I really didn’t appreciate the clothes for what they were: art. I began exposing myself to different people and different places. From there, I was able to extract everything I could and create my own style,” Mendoza said.
Some of his signature items include a tweed blazer, usually over a cut up tank top with Lady GaGa lyrics under it, and paired off with his favorite black skinny jeans.
“Fashion creates an opportunity in which we are able to express ourselves without bounds,” Mendoza said. “Your style, your fashion, should be nothing more than a reflection of yourself. You don’t dress to impress, but you dress to show them who you are.”
Although fashion continues to be a vital part of his life, he aspires to take a different route later on. With the hopes of pursuing a career in the media and perhaps becoming an editor-and-chief for a fashion magazine someday, Rudy Mendoza is sure to succeed with his intellect and his courage to stand out.