Classic rock makes a comeback

Larissa Hernandez

Harmonix does it again in its third release with The Beatles: Rock Band, one of the most anticipated games of the year. This video game incorporates classics from The Beatles into modern technology. Featuring 45 classic hits and other unlockable songs, this game spans into an interactive game featuring three new guitars, a drum set and a microphone with its own stand. Aside from its entertainment purposes, The Beatles: Rock Band is a new way of introducing classic rock into today’s younger crowd.

“I find it really interesting and innovative to put this kind of old music into a game,” says 17-year-old avid music listener Amber Gonzalez.

Others, too, found it innovative and exciting upon its release.

“It’s by far the best Rock Band yet,” 14-year-old Beatlemaniac Michael Hernandez says. Though this Beatles fan is excited about the game, others are not.

“The only way people learn about the classics is to improve their social life; it’s not about Rock ‘n’ Roll anymore,” said 17-year-old student and senior Kente Warren.

This game is wholly based on the “to each his own” standards.

Though disagreements on Rock Band’s new release may continue, “The magic of The Beatles is timeless and ageless,” said Beatles’ publicist Derek Taylor in 1964, and to this day still holds true. The Beatles, without a doubt, have influenced almost every single musical artist. With Sir Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr’s permission, and Harmonix’s staff, this game will reach an even larger audience to inspire.