Fall Fashion

Lizzy Martinez, Co-Business Manager

Fall has finally come and fashion for the season ranges from ripped jeans to comfy sweaters- just in time for sweater weather. Summer set new trends, but even though we transition into fall, fashionable pieces continue to be worn such as: ripped jeans, off-the-shoulder tops, and layering of shirts and dresses.


Fall fashion is influenced by trends that were set back in the 90s and early 2000s.  Kimberly Hernandez is an Encore Fashion Club member who focuses on the latest trends this season.


“We are going back [in time] with our wide jeans and corsets,” Hernandez, 12, said. “We are improving fashion by making them more modern.”


A-line skirts in particular have come back into style with use of different fabric like corduroy, denim, and suede.  They lost their momentum in the late 90s and early 2000s, but have now become a summer and fall statement piece.


To go along with the skirts, off-the-shoulder tops have also become highly popular this summer, but do not seem to lose their popularity this season. Due to California weather staying moderately the same in the fall, many trends continue onto this season.


Although particular trends will still be popular this season, there will be trends that will never see the light of day again.


Monse Ramirez is another Encore Fashion Club member who also follows the most stylish trends of the year.


“ Leather pants and different patterned pants lost trend this summer and won’t continue at all this fall- they will be gone forever,” Ramirez, 12, said when asked what fashionable clothing pieces will die out this fall. “California weather does affect fall fashion because it’s a summer fashion continued, but with more fall aspects.”


Ripped jeans have become a trend that does not seem to lose its popularity at all. They first made their appearance early in the year and will continue to be fashionable this season.  There is more use of fishnets in clothing, and corset detailing this autumn. Hoop earrings have also came back into style after their peak in the 2000s.  


All these statement pieces will define fall fashion along with more muted colors. The muted colors go along with the colder weather fall brings.


Fashion lover , Ximena Leal, 12, would know about the muted colors in clothing as she finds herself buying warmer colors in the fall.


“More girls tend to wear ankle booties or thigh high boots in the fall with oversized cardigans or sweaters,”  Leal,12, said. “ I also see girls wearing more hoops [earrings] like if we are in the 90s.”


Men fall fashion has also included distressed jeans, but added bolder tops.


Michael Martinez is a follower of men’s fashion and wears many statement pieces that are trending for men.


“ Guys are wearing graphic tees like button ups with cool designs,” Martinez, 12, said when asked what he sees more men wearing this season. “Late 80s/90s have definitely influenced men fashion this season. Like Nike making a comeback with their off white collab.”


Fall fashion is a combination of older decades with a modern twist making them the latest styles. A continuation of popular summer looks with a darker fall colors will make this fashion season one to remember.