Top Trending Christmas Gifts

James Torrico, Writer

With the conclusion of Thanksgiving, the public have their attention focused on the wonderful holiday known as Christmas. With Christmas right around the corner, everyone is looking for the “perfect gift”. Every year there are “hot items” that fly off the shelves and this year is no difference. Here are some of the top gifts:

1). Virtual Reality

Virtual reality headsets are getting so much hype in the recent months. From the Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Headset to the Galaxy Gear Virtual Reality Headset, there are so many to choose from. With the ability to escape the norm, people are looking to immerse themselves into a different reality. From fighting bad guys to skiing in the Appalachian mountains, virtual reality lets you experience it all.

2). iPhone7

The iPhone 7 is the newest Apple product to hit the market. Though, the majority of the public all obtain cell phones already, nothing is stopping them from upgrading to the newest piece of technology. Even with Apple’s controversial decision to remove the headphone jack, people are still lining up to grab an iPhone 7.

3). Headphones

Although many phones come with standard headphones, they tend to break at an alarming rate. In this day and age, headphones are slowly becoming more of a necessity than a want, so not only are they demanding headphones, specifically they are demanding for wireless headphones.   The demand being for specific brands like JBL, Beats, and Bose. This stems from not only the ability to move around freely with no hassle, but for example, like the iPhone 7, some devices may not come with headphone jacks, so the need for wireless headphones is more dire than wired headphones. For Christmas, people are going to start to have high demand for their everyday needs.

4). Home Helping Devices

Devices like the Amazon Echo and Google Home are surprisingly gaining a large demand. People are slowly making every part of their live easier with the use of technology. With these home helping devices, people can control their house like lights, windows, music, garage doors, thermostat, etc. Also, they can be a very helpful personal assistant with helping you with calendar dates, shopping list, appointments, etc. A very useful device in the common household.

5). Subscriptions to Streaming Services

Although this is not a physical gift, streaming services subscriptions are loved. Services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video, etc., especially paired with an Amazon fire stick, Roku, or Apple TV, it would make a great gift because of the ability to watch whatever you want, when you want.

Christmas is slowly upon us, and your present buying maybe stressing you out but just know that whatever you give your friends and family, they will like it because it came from you, but just keep the receipt just in case they do not like it.