Tools of the Trade to Surviving Karnaca: A Dishonored 2 Preview

Oscar Flores, Copy Editor

Arkane Studios is known for developing immersive first-person action games with a unique style.  One of the recent games is Dishonored, stealth/action, first person game with a steampunk-esque art style that released in 2012.  The game was a success and the publisher, Bethesda, greenlit a sequel which released on Nov. 11 of this year.  


Before starting the game, there is a 9GB patch that I would recommend downloading before initiating your gameplay.  The game is still playable without it, but there will be some minor issues. Once that is done, it is time to embark on your adventure to Karnaca.


Dishonored 2 begins 15 years after the first Dishonored.  When a mysterious witch known as Delilah Kaldwin takes the throne, you are given a choice between playing as Emily Kaldwin or Corvo Attano.  Ultimately, the difference between the two protagonists boils down to the powers in their arsenal.  Corvo’s powers remain the same (Blink, Bend Time, Possession, etc.) from the last game although they can be upgraded with the use of skill trees.  Emily’s powers (Far Reach, Mesmerize, Domino etc.), on the other hand, are all new except for one power (Dark Vision).  


The first mission, compared to the future levels, is very simple in essence. Once you choose which of the two protagonists you want to play as, the game drops you into a semi-linear level that tasks you with reaching a boat that will allow you to escape Dunwall and leave for Karnaca.  Instead of including a full-on tutorial, the game presents its mechanics and intricacies as you progress through the level.


The second mission and beyond is where the game gets interesting.  After the first mission, the game sets you loose into the bright and sunny location of Karnaca.  This level, like all Dishonored levels, is made to feel very vast and open even though it is a self-contained area.  All you really have to rely on is your wit, your knowledge, and your powers to move through the space and complete the level.


Addermire Institute is the third mission and it is the most tonally different from the three missions so far.  It conveys the tone of horror through the music that is played in the background, the design of the institute, the design of your target, and other minute details.  If you choose, you can complete the level in a couple of minutes or hours.  It is all up to the player.  


The Clockwork Mansion, which is the fourth mission, is essentially a Rubik’s cube.  That is the unique mechanism of the level.  With a pull of a lever, the mansion reconfigures before your eyes and changes how you approach the level.  This mechanism also allows the ability to enter the space behind the walls which gives you the chance to avoid contact altogether.