DHS Quad Turned Into BMX Arena During No Hate Assembly

Ximena Solorzano, Photo Editor


 Before the world was taken by storm from COVID-19, assemblies were the epitome of school spirit, with laughs and smiles found on all who participated. Just until recently, Downey High had not held an assembly during the 2021-2022 school year, but with the help of the No Hate Tour, things luckily changed.

    On February 15, right after coming back from the 3-day weekend, students were invited to witness a No Hate Assembly show in the quad featuring some of the world’s top BMX competitors. According to the tour’s website, the show is a no-cost assembly, limited to five schools per state, that aims to unite students together through kindness and high action events. Going nationwide with the help of the Marines, they provide critical skills to stop and prevent bullying, which celebrities featured on this tour have sadly faced in their adolescence. Sophomore, Jaselle Renteria, believed that the bullying prevention aspect of the assembly, despite being less prominent, plays the biggest role in the school.

    “From what I was able to hear, the assembly was about stopping bullying,” said Renteria. “It definitely wasn’t too obvious since honestly, they focused mainly on the tricks, but it tied everything together and showed that you can get through bullying and be successful”.

   As the student body was separated into two groups for a viewing each, many tuned into the multiple stunts done by the professionals. Back flip after back flip, each athlete displayed immense skill and passion for the bike. Yareli Beltran, 10, thoroughly enjoyed the show due to how interactive it was. 

      “My favorite part was when they jumped over the 4 kids lying on the ground and when they actually did the backflips we were cheering for,” stated Beltran. “The excitement of just seeing them basically defy gravity on a simple bike left goosebumps”.

     Junior Isabel Martinez agreed, saying that the stunts along with the performers themselves left an impact on her.

    “My favorite part of the assembly was the Mexican biker along with the guy who did solely floor tricks,” added Martinez. “It’s important to see representation in all aspects so seeing a fellow Mexican that’s dominating his field makes me feel proud!”

    Despite the many previous visits, the No Hate Assembly left a deep impact on DHS and surely is an event to be remembered by all for the rest of the school year.