#WhatsTrending: Fall is Back!

Melissa Estrada, Section Editor

Sept. 22 has finally approached and summer ‘16 is officially over, and now Fall has started and the countdown for Halloween and Thanksgiving has commenced.


People are ready to say goodbye to their sandals and bathing suits, and replace them for boots and knitted sweaters.


Melissa Hernandez, 12, states that her favorite thing about fall is getting to dress differently.


“My favorite thing about fall is definitely the clothing,” Hernandez said. “I love coats, jackets, and sweaters, so when it’s fall I can wear them without looking like a crazy person who will burn up in the sun.”


Although the Halloween commercials, pumpkin spice lattes, and fall decorations are back, California’s weather is not ready to let go of the heat. However, Maria Toro, 12, explains how the weather doesn’t completely hinder the excitement for fall.


“It typically prevents me from wearing certain things like jackets and boots due to the weather but it doesn’t prevent me from going to events having to do with the holidays or dressing up for Halloween,” Toro stated. “We may not be able to see the leaves changing colors or get away from the heat but I feel like the festivity of fall is still there.”


Halloween is the highly anticipated holiday in the fall for people interested in dressing up. From finding a costume to trick-or-treating, this thrilling holiday is unique.


“It’s a holiday where you are able to be anyone you want for one day,” Toro stated. “My family has a tradition of all of us dressing up and taking the little kids trick-or-treating.”


In addition to Halloween, Flor Rivas, 12, explains that Thanksgiving is a very special fall holiday for her.


“Thanksgiving is a tradition,” Rivas stated. “My mom is always preparing food and we always have a banquet with the whole family.”


Although saying goodbye to summer is melancholic, the fall season is back and this means pumpkin spice lattes, scary movies, costume shopping, and the preparation for Halloween and Thanksgiving has begun.