Renovation of the Writing Center

Angelica Fregoso, Staff Writer

At the beginning of the 2015-2016 school year, Downey High School’s Writing Center was upgraded from a grim Z-Bungalow, which primarily served as a room where students sent to tardy-sweep could be preoccupied in, to a room located in front of one of the latest additions to the school: the A-Building.


As stated in the Writing Center Training Manual, the key objective of the Writing Center is to “Continue to make better writers, not better writing” (Crespo 1). The idea of its implementation into Downey High School was proposed in December of 2012 and executed two months later.


The founding-mother of the Writing Center is ninth grade honors English teacher Mrs. Crespo, who shared what sparked her inspiration for the creation of the Writing Center.


“I worked in the program at Cal State Fullerton,” Crespo said, “it made me part of the teacher I am today.”


Then, she relayed how Mr. Houts, Mrs. Bean, and Mrs. Carlson were fundamental during the execution of her plan. She also added that last year’s Writing Center tutors accomplished nearly 1,300 tutorials last year.


Writing Center tutors consist of juniors, seniors, and four college students, as well as President Fernando Mandujano.


“I just like helping people,” Mandujano stated, “and one day I hope to pursue a career in writing.”


Junior, Andrew Bilodeau, one of the Writing Center’s new tutors, is eagerly anticipating the responsibilities awaiting him.


“I’m really looking forward to being a tutor because I like to help people,” Bilodeau said. “I’m also excited for the new atmosphere that lets us welcome people who want help on their writing, plus we have awesome tutors so no matter who you get you’ll get great advice and a great experience.”


Mandujano provided simple recommendations in regard to how students could get the most out of their Writing Center visit.


“They have to come in with a positive attitude,” Mandujano said, “they can’t walk in expecting the tutor to write their paper for them.”


Freshmen and sophomores who need tutoring should walk into their appointment seeking counsel regarding their writing, not merely their assignment.


After attending her first successful Writing Center appointment, freshman, Hannah Levinson reflected on the benefits she gained as a writer.


“I felt the Writing Center helped me a lot,” Levinson said. “It helped me improve with my writing to the point where I understand to write better.”


Among the multitude of the Writing Center’s features Crespo acknowledged, one in particular stuck out to her as her favorite.


“My favorite part is happening right now…I love when everyone is talking about writing,” Crespo said. “High school students, young people talking about writing; you get to watch students get excited and the light bulb turn on in their head.”


Downey High school’s student body will benefit from the Writing Center’s upgrade, whether it is through knowledge gained regarding how to construct an effective thesis, or by practicing patience while serving others.