Botany Sales

On Tues., Mar. 4, Mr. Pittenger counts the plants and gets them ready for his next Botany class. “Plants have the ability to do cool things animals can’t,” Pittinger said. “You can do surgery and clone them.”

Esther Rodriguez, Parents & Teachers Section Editor

In order to spread the news about the annual pepper and tomato plant sale, Mr. Pittenger and his Botany students are advertising the sale on various social media sites.

Turning to sites such as Instagram and Twitter, Mr. Pittenger, with the help of his students, wants to reach a younger demographic as well as people in the Downey community.

Senior Daisy Huerta has Botany 4th period and likes the idea of using social media because it helps spread the news of the sale to more people.

“I think it’s cool that Mr. Pittenger is doing this,” Huerta said. “It’ll get more people around my age to come to the sale.”

Junior Juliana Toloza is also taking Botany and enjoys the hands on experience she receives in the class. Toloza’s favorite part has been transplanting the plants that will be sold into bigger pots than the ones they were planted in.

“I like that I’m not just learning the material, I’m applying it in the garden,” Toloza said. “Preparing for the plant sale has been really fun. I like getting my hands dirty while I learn how to take care of the plants.”

Mr. Pittenger started the plant sale as a way of fundraising for the Botany classes because he doesn’t receive a budget from the district for plants and tools for the garden. It is also a way for people in the area to buy the plants they want without having to drive far.

“Botany is a hands on program,” Pittenger said. “We are always in need of tools and supplies. There are a few plant sales that aren’t far, but regionally the sales are in other areas.”

Pittenger is in competition with other pepper and tomato plant sales in Los Angeles County, including Fullerton Arboretum’s Monster Tomato Sale, which features different varieties of tomatoes and peppers that the school garden does not provide, but Pittenger is able to compete in sales.

The annual pepper and tomato plant sale will take place on Sat., Mar. 15 with a new group of customers with the help of social media.