You CAN help

Noemi Lozano, Copy Editor

Downey High School conducted its annual food drive from Nov. 4 and Nov.15, just in time for the holidays.


During fourth period, ASB members scattered throughout the campus, entering each classroom collecting cans and encouraging students to give the gift of food this holiday season.


Senior, Gissel Martinez has participated in the annual food drive all four years of high school.


“All people think about during Thanksgiving is choosing the right filter for their Instagram picture of their food,” Martinez said. “Nobody cares that some people are actually starving out there. I hope that the cans I bring in, help a family have a better holiday season.”


Last year, the school ranked second in the food drive competition throughout the state and was only beat by one small donation club. This year, the school’s goal was to be number one by raising a total of 10,000 cans by Nov.15.


The school encouraged students to bring as many cans as possible to their fourth period class and offered the winning class a choice of a pizza, ice cream, or doughnut party.


Not only were students enthusiastic about getting a party, but some teachers also offered another prize to those who brought in cans.


Mr. Hitchcock, American and World History teacher, offered his students a total of 15 extra credit points by allowing students to bring in a maximum of 3 cans for 5 points each. This way, students would not only be giving aid to the less fortunate, but also helping their grade.


“I try to encourage students to participate in school wide activities and sometimes they need a little incentive as well,” Hitchcock said.


Junior, Genesis Hardiman, in Mr. Hitchcock’s fifth period class, didn’t donate from the thought of extra credit, but from the kindness of her heart.


“Honestly to me, family is way more important than school,” Hardiman said. “I imagined myself and my family in the same place, and helped as much as I could.”