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Still youth

Carlos Agredano, 11, and Emily Lopez, 12, are student ambassadors for Stay Gallery, and their partnership started in early November. “We began to grow a close relationship with the directors of the gallery,” Lopez said. “They knew us as the two ASB kids from Downey and Warren.”

Serene Gallardo, Community Section Editor

January 9, 2015

Located in the heart of Downey is a strip of pop up shops and public collectives that capture the taste of the city’s culture; among these, however, the most renowned in enamoring this culture is Stay Gallery. Found at 11140 Downey Ave., the gallery, ran by Gabriel Enamorado and Valentin Flores, is...

The heart of a coach, the mind of a teacher

Previously the boys golf coach at Downey High School, Mr. Sanders now focuses on teaching AP European History and Economics. Sanders stopped coaching to focus on raising his family.

Serene Gallardo, Community Section Editor

April 2, 2014

At Downey High, teachers tend to take on twice as much as expected – that is, alongside teaching curriculum courses, they take hand in coaching a team. Managing both classrooms full of students and a sports team is double duty, but these teachers are willing to go the distance. The process to apply...


On Fri. Mar. 7, Stay Gallery opened the Hyperpresent exhibit by David Layton to present his paintings such as Nine. Layton’s art process began as a digital photo and then he painted it.

Serene Gallardo, Community Section Editor

March 18, 2014

On Fri., Mar. 7, Stay Gallery curated their latest exhibit, Hyperpresent, presented by local artist David Layton. The exhibit featured three of Layton’s series: arcade, cinema, and coaster. The images displayed were vivid, yet distorted –the focus of his “hyperpresent” art. “Hyperpresent,”...


On Fri., Feb. 14, during Zachary Aronson’s first solo show at the Stay Gallery, he uses torches to draw with fire to create what is called pyrography. “I recognize and celebrate the imperfections in the wood and in the people burnt into the wood,” Aronson said.

Serene Gallardo, Community Section Editor

February 26, 2014

On Fri., Feb. 14, Stay Gallery on Downey Ave. opened its latest exhibit: “Pyrographs” by Zachary Aronson. One of the first larger scale medium art exhibits up in the gallery, it is a display of planks of wood, burned and scattered with the fiery remnants to leave the imprint of a portrait. Aronson...

“I Sat by the Ocean”

Serene Gallardo, Community Section Editor

February 19, 2014

Alternative rock band Queens of the Stone Age peaked at number 15 on Billboard’s US Alternative Songs chart with their second single “I Sat by the Ocean,” off their sixth studio album, …Like Clockwork. Widely regarded as one of the most renowned bands that emerged from the “Palm Desert scene...

Three in one dining

	On Monday, Jan. 6 in Downtown Downey, Joseph’s Bar and Grill begins their first day of business. Joseph’s had a sneak premiere on New Years Eve to inform their clients of their new location.

Serene Gallardo, Community Section Editor

January 24, 2014

On Monday, Jan. 6, Joseph’s Bar and Grill held its opening in Downtown Downey. Located on 11032 Downey Ave., Joseph’s stands out from the other restaurants found on the strip, with its neon sign and spacious lot. The restaurant is relatively contemporary, with a minimalist exterior design. Stepping...


On Wednesday, Dec. 11, senior Andrew De La Cruz performs his solo for Jazz Ensemble at the Winter Concert.  The Jazz Ensemble performed three songs: “God Rest Ye Merry Trombones”, “Oh, Holy Night”, and “Perdido”.

Serene Gallardo, Community Section Editor

December 18, 2013

Downey High held its annual winter concert on Wednesday, Dec. 11 at the Downey Civic theatre, featuring the school’s music ensembles.   Music directors Corneliu Olairu and Matthew Fell’s music ensembles came together at the theatre for a 2-hour performance off campus. The concert began...

Giving thanks to helping hands

At Apollo Park on Nov. 22, H.E.L.P.S. room director, Beth Gendreau, sorts cans and goods voluntarily for people in need. Gendreau had a significant amount of work, but enjoyed doing it; she has been in charge for four years and hopes to continue in this capacity.

Serene Gallardo, Community Section Editor

November 20, 2013

Teachers from Downey High’s English department collaborated with the PTA HELPS room, located in Apollo Park, to put together Thanksgiving baskets, which were then sent out to families with insufficient funds for their own festive dinners. From Mon., Oct 21 to Friday, Nov. 8, donations for the baskets...

One step closer to ending world hunger

On Oct. 13, Elle Neri, 11, and, Brenda Alvizures, 11, marches down Firestone Blvd. to support the annual CROP Hunger Walk event. “I felt united as a community,” Alvizures, “getting together trying to make a difference in someone’s life.”

Serene Gallardo, Community Section Editor

October 18, 2013

Hope Club came to the aid of those unable to put food on the table on Sunday, Oct. 13th after participating in the annual CROP Hunger Walk – a national charitable event organized by the Church World Service to help families living in poverty.   The event set out to raise money to better ...

What it takes to lead a club

Stepping up at the end of her sophomore year, Hope Club President, Elle Neri, 11, takes on a role of leadership for the community service organization. “I try to put myself in other people’s shoes, which makes me want to help out more,” Neri said.

Serene Gallardo, Community Section Editor

October 4, 2013

Clubs spawn as an effort to be more inclusive, and their presidential openings wait to be filled by students who can balance both their schoolwork and the responsibility that comes with leadership. Each club is entirely student-run; meetings, scheduled appointments, and social gatherings are all under...

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