Three in one dining


On Monday, Jan. 6 in Downtown Downey, Joseph’s Bar and Grill begins their first day of business. Joseph’s had a sneak premiere on New Years Eve to inform their clients of their new location.

Serene Gallardo, Community Section Editor

On Monday, Jan. 6, Joseph’s Bar and Grill held its opening in Downtown Downey. Located on 11032 Downey Ave., Joseph’s stands out from the other restaurants found on the strip, with its neon sign and spacious lot.

The restaurant is relatively contemporary, with a minimalist exterior design. Stepping foot inside reveals, the restaurant is divided in half, down the middle: to the right is the dining area and to the left – the bar. The bar glows blue with small neon lights lined against the stools, while guests are seated at a glass table. Best described as a “fusion” type restaurant, this also applies to the food, according to chef Saul Lopez.

“Our restaurant is a three-in-one: it is a lounge, a grill, and a bar,” Lopez said, “and our food is a fusion of Americana and gourmet steakhouse food.”

A quick glance upon arrival, the waitresses attending the diners and bartenders are all young, keeping the youth vibe alive.  A Downey High student, senior Brenda Lopez, recently applied for a job at the grill; it is marketing itself towards first-time workers.

“For my first job ever, I have to say that I am having a blast,” Lopez said. “I learned so quickly that it just became a fun job, though working at a restaurant is not easy.”

Though a small name, Joseph’s is getting itself out there. Joseph’s had a “sneak peak preview,” for the public on New Year’s Eve – an event that was held at the bar into the wee hours of the morning. Now, only a week into its grand opening, it has already attracted an influx of diners at late night hours, hostess Chelsi Serrini said.

“This grill is getting its name out by word of mouth,” Serrini said.

The grill is definitely one of a kind in Downtown Downey – unique to the strip, to say the least. As word of mouth spreads even further, more hungry diners than ever are expected to turn to Joseph’s Bar and Grill.