The Downey Legend

The Foretelling

Alyssa Portillo, Writer October 30, 2021

        Sometimes, the only person you can trust is yourself. High school makes it true, if anything. Elise pulled her textbooks out of her bag, dreading the hours she was about to...

Burdensome Drum

Kandice Carrera, Writer October 30, 2021

The drums are so draining, they're heavy, lifeless, and overall a pain to carry. I don't mind it though, as I lifted the drum from the shelf, my arm curved around the pads and set into place, hurrying...

My Old Friend

Cassandra Diego, Writer October 30, 2021

Two or three Halloweens ago, I can’t remember anymore, I met this little girl. My old friend.  I was trick or treating with my parents dressed as Batman, my favorite hero. Then we accidentally...

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