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Time for applications

As the window of opportunities for college applications rapidly shrinks, Omar Almanza, 12, applies online, in advance, in the library, to receive approval from his two favorite colleges: Cal State Long Beach and Cal State Poly Pomona. Almanza has attempted to complete his first college essay by writing about his faith in music.

Joey Flores, News Editor

November 15, 2012

October marks the beginning of the season when students turn in applications to colleges and universities across the globe, jump starting the anticipation from students and parents alike. These expectations, however, also come with anxiety and nerves from applicants.  Big name universities tend to...

Junior honor guard

Junior honor guard

Dinorah Acuña, Writer

June 21, 2012

But for this year’s Junior Honor Guard, the selection process needed a few alterations. This year, a large amount of juniors submitted their applications with the hopes of being a part of graduation. Rather than selecting forty juniors that qualify to be a part of Honor Guard, the application process...

Korean Club shows love for native country

Korean Club shows love for native country

Sharon Kim

May 31, 2011

Members and fans of the Korean community met on Tues, Mar 29 to develop international bonds and establish cultural awareness of South Korea. The members of Korean Club meet every Tuesday at lunch. A lunch students congregate in Mr. Hwang’s room C-106, and B lunch students met in room B-218, Mr....

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