Korean Club shows love for native country

Korean Club shows love for native country

Korean Club cabinet members, Steven Song and Lily Kim, teach students how to say ‘Hello’ formally, as well as informally, during a meeting on May 17. Matters such as the possibility of a Korean Barbeque were also discussed.

Sharon Kim

Members and fans of the Korean community met on Tues, Mar 29 to develop international bonds and establish cultural awareness of South Korea.

The members of Korean Club meet every Tuesday at lunch. A lunch students congregate in Mr. Hwang’s room C-106, and B lunch students met in room B-218, Mr. Sanders’s classroom. For their first meeting, attending members walked away from the classroom with cupcakes.

The club was spawned from the mind of sophomore Lily Kim, who wanted to start Korean Club as a way to spread word of the rich heritage of South Korea.

“I created Korean Club because I wanted to spread the word about Korea. In a way similar to spreading the word of God, but not quite. It’s not a religous thing. But I noticed that a lot of people were interested in K-Pop and K-Drama, and I wanted to get the chance to talk about all these different things with the people, so I created Korean Club. And I wanted to have a KBBQ Party! It was tempting.”

The club has many exciting events planned for the future.

“Korean Club is still in it’s early stages so we’re really open to new ideas and suggestions,” secretary Sophia Paik said. “So far, we’re thinking of having a Korean BBQ day to just enjoy Korea food, possibly going to K-town for the Korean festival and learning the language during the club meetings too. Suggestions are always welcome by the club members too.”

The creators of the club ensured that they would have a good turn out for theirfirst meeting by utilizing the social media. The editorial board sent out a mass Facebook message that detailed the time and place of their first meeting while noting that food would be offered.

“By making a Korean Club, we’re hoping to provide information about the culture so people can be able to distinguish Koreans from different Asians instead of simply categorizing us in a large, general group,” Treasurer Eric Chon said.

Whether a Korean-American student or a fan of the country’s rich history, the members of Korean Club have been welcomed with open arms. With such a dedicated group of board members, the club is sure to foster a greater cultural understanding of South Korea.