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Katherine Portillo
With the help of her experience from a Photojournalism class during her freshman year, Katherine Portillo, 11, is beginning her first year in Newspaper as a photographer. She is a great student who challenges herself by participating in activities in and out of school, such as the Assistance League of Downey, a nonprofit organization that donates to benefit local charities. Portillo is on the school’s volleyball team, where she plays the position of opposite hitter. 

Portillo finds it easy to talk to new people and make them laugh. Her outgoing personality will definitely help her interview people and excel in her position as a photographer. Passionate about mental health, Portillo would like to pursue a career in psychology to help those who have behavior and mental issues. “My brother is bipolar,” Portillo said, “and he really prompted me to learn about the brain and how I can help others with these disorders.” Portillo’s interest in mental health is most definitely going to impact the people she meets.

Katherine Portillo, Writer

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Katherine Portillo