Athlete of the Week: Hector Rosales

Kimberly Moreno, Photographer

When it comes to Downey showing recognition to their athletes, Downey High School showcases  our hardworking student athletes by selecting two athletes each week to shoutout for their accomplishments and devotion and to their sport. One of Downey’s athletes of the week, Hector Rosales, 11, Varsity Cheer Tumbler, has been a part of Downey Cheerleading for two years maintaining good balance with practice and his school studies. Since joining cheer his sophomore year, leading into his junior year, Rosales plans to continue cheer throughout the rest of his high school years but doesn’t seem himself pursuing a career out of it after graduating later in 2023. He wants to pursue studying law at UC Berkeley and become a successful attorney. As for what convinced him to start Cheerleading is watching others do flips which encouraged him to be a tumbler after being a part of gymnastics when younger. 


When asked how do you feel about being nominated athlete of the week, Rosales stated “I feel great, it really motivated me and made me feel like all the hard work I’ve been putting in is paying off.”  Rosales continues to work hard and offers inspiring words of encouragement to other athletes here on campus, “For people who are doing a sport just… keep on working hard, I promise it will all work out in the end.”