Downey High Girls Water Polo Wraps Up Their Season

Being able to play a sports season during a pandemic was something that the seniors on the Downey High’s Girls Water Polo team didn’t believe could happen. As they finished their season strong with a 12-6 win against Warren High, the girls expressed their gratitude towards being given the chance to compete for their last high school season. 


“I was waiting to have a season because I felt like ‘Oh if we don’t have a season it’s going to be so sad’” Kimberly Vasquez, 12, stated. “We’ve played so much for no season during our senior year; it would suck to not have a game or anything.”


Although there was some skepticism about the way the girls would be able to compete this season due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Alina Perez, 12, explained that they had adjusted well with the Covid regulations placed upon the team. 


“We’ve been doing pretty well with Covid regulations,” Perez shared. “I feel like personally, a lot of us might be suffering at home, but I feel like water polo was our way of being able to get out and socialize amongst each other even during times like this.”


The seniors on the team also conveyed their appreciation towards each other and their other underclassmen teammates for being able to pull through during these times. Estefany Manzanares, 12, elaborates on the team’s dynamic.


“This season for us was honestly really great because for us, since we had a small team for varsity, that was pretty much our little family,” Manzanares stated. “I love how everyone worked so hard for this season, and I’m just proud of everyone.” 


The Girls Water Polo officially ended their season May 20, 2021, and the team won all their games this season which makes them their league’s champions.