Downey Duals

Vanessa Carrillo, Co-Editor-in-Chief

On the morning of December 2, the varsity boys and girls wrestling team as well as the boys junior varsity team, competed in the Downey Duals.


The Downey Duals is a yearly tournament held at Downey, in which schools go against others as a team. Saturdays dual consisted of competing against high schools; Arroyo, Cypress, Desert, Diamond Ranch, Northview, San Fernando, Western, and Yucca Valley.


After the varsity team won a CIF title last year the other boys team try hard to achieve the same title their varsity team had won.


Gibson Colchado, 10, junior varsity captain, express his goals and Viking pride for the team this season.


“The main goal definitely is to win CIF,” Colchado stated, “and to beat Warren and just improve and become better wrestlers.”


As the girls team increases and the competitions get closer; the girls get more eager to get on the mats and try their best in winning.


Girl captain, Katherine Cuellar, 10, explains her hopes and goals for the team this season.


“My goals are to at least take two tournaments,” Cuellar stated. “By that I mean place first as a team not just as individuals.”


Boys varsity captain Isaac Medina, 11, states weather he believes the guys team will continue to grow and aspire.


“Most definitely. Wrestling is a sport that most people can do if they are willing to put in the work,” Medina stated. “[They] have gained crucial experience which will pay off later in the season.”


Downey ended the night with the final scores of 0-5 for the girls team and 5-0 for the varsity boys and 3-2 for the jv boys team.