MLB Season coming faster than a fastball

James Torrico , Writer

On November 2, 2017, the longest championship drought in sports was finally broken when the Chicago Cubs won the world series for the first time since 1908. That date also marked the end of the 2016 MLB season. America’s pastime is finally coming back for the 2017 season. With spring training on its way already, the season is only a month away and there are so many questions that need answers and stories to follow this year. One of the main stories this year involves the Kansas City Royals and how they are going to replace their newly appointed ace, Yordano Ventura, after his tragic and sudden passing in his home country, the Dominican Republic. Another young promising pitcher loses their life. Not only does that leave a hole in their rotation but leaves a hole in the Royals fan’s heart. Another question is: how will teams like the Tampa Bay Rays, San Diego Padres, Los Angeles Angels, and Minnesota Twins could all bounce back from a season where they finished with a negative record.



Stories to follow in the MLB are low in quantity but there are stories to follow nonetheless. For example, the question whether the Cubs will repeat as World Series Champions. Also to watch the greatest player of our generation, Mike Trout, and see if he can repeat as American League Most Valuable Player. However, one of the greatest stories to follow is how 43-year-old Atlanta Braves pitcher Bartolo Colon (the oldest active player in the MLB) continues to be one of the MLB’s most consistent pitchers. In his past 8 seasons, he has had an ERA (Earned Runs Average) between 3.43-4.19 which is amazing consistency for a player his age. It is not only his pitching ability that baseball fans enjoy but, his ability to step up to the plate and swing at every ball that comes his way in a humorous fashion. If he makes contact with the ball, no matter which way it flies, people stand up and cheer like never before. It is surely a sight to see.



With April fast approaching, baseball fans can be ready to see more of Stanton’s blasts, Kershaw’s curve balls, Bautista’s bat flips, Trout’s catches, grand slams and historical milestones. The 2017 season is looking to be one of the most competitive years for baseball in a long time. So every fan of each franchise has something to look forward to and once October comes by, we will once again see who is on top and can call themselves world champions.