Downey Wrestling Beats Crosstown Rivals

Amanda Davila, Staff Writer

Downey’s varsity wrestling team defeated Warren to continue their 3-0 streak, on Thurs., Jan. 7, as the boys left Warren High School with a victory of 51-15.


Downey’s wrestling team remained strong throughout the evening making it a successful night.


Not letting stress get to him, junior, Adrian Segovia, focused on putting hard work and effort into his match, while still having fun.


“The Downey Warren rivalry is a big deal and it was very important to get this win,” Segovia said. “At the end of the day it took a lot of hard work and dedication.”


As CIF approaches, sophomore, Dilan Ajtun looked for support in his teammates, believing their bond is what made them perform better.


“Downey wrestling is like a brotherhood, a family; we work together and succeed together,” Ajtun said. “If we continue putting in the hard work, we will succeed at becoming CIF champs.”


This win was very important to junior Ariel Ramirez; he believes beating Warren was a step closer to taking league for another year in a row.


“We did a great job as a team; it was pin after pin,” Ramirez said. “No one let the Downey Warren rivalry get into their heads. We just went out there and did our jobs.”


Downey Wrestling gained more victories ending the season undefeated with a 5-0 streak. They continue to train harder and remain focused as the first round of CIF approaches on Sat., Feb. 6.