Huffin’ and puffin’

During half time at the Powder Puff game, still with no score on the scoreboard, Head Coach Eduardo Preciado, 12, talks to the senior team in the locker room. “For my last year here, it was great,” Preciado said. “I love leading my warriors.”

Mireya Navarro, Staff Writer

As the year comes to an end, juniors and seniors who volunteered to play for Powder Puff, took time out of their days to practice for the big game on Friday, May 8, at the Allen Lane Stadium.


The senior girls conditioned and practiced football plays twice a week, for 3 hours, to keep the senior legacy of winning every year, while the juniors also practiced with hopes of changing the tradition.


Senior Kathy Bui disliked practice at first, but later enjoyed it due to the bond that was created between her and the rest of the senior girls.


“The Powder Puff girls we’re like a family,” Bui said. “We all encourage each other and have each other’s back during the practices.”


Junior Amanda Concha decided to do Powder Puff because she is a cheerleader, so she wanted to have the feeling of someone else cheering for her.


“I thought it would be an exciting experience to actually be playing instead of cheering,” Concha said.


Game day finally arrived. The junior and senior girls battled it out throughout the whole game, with the score being 0-0 up until the 4th quarter.


After receiving the hike from Elizabeth Aceves, 12, senior Desiree Flores struggled to find someone to throw the football to. When she finally spotted Jada Fowler, she threw and completed the 25-yard touchdown pass resulting in a score of 6-0: seniors.


“When I made the touchdown, it felt so surreal,” Fowler said. “It was one of the best feelings in the world.”


Flores then ran another play for a two point bringing the score to 8-0.


Toward the end of the 4th quarter, the juniors made a touchdown.


Junior quarterback Daniella De Silva ran the ball and made a touchdown bringing the score to 8-6.


The game ended minutes after with the seniors keeping their winning title.