Running through the field with my woes


Emily Herrera

During a time-out against Jordan High School, seniors Joseph Ochoa and Miguel Aceves laugh and enjoy their home game. “Playing since middle school with Ochoa has created this strong brotherhood and chemistry that words cant explain,” Miguel Aceves said. “It’s more like family, willing to support and back each other up at all times.”

Mireya Navarro, Staff Writer

Seniors Joseph Ochoa, Mikey Aceves, and Beto Leon have been playing on the same lacrosse team since the 6th grade and have been playing for Downey High’s varsity team since they were freshman. They have created a friendship and built chemistry among one another on and off the field.


With Aceves leading the lacrosse team as the team captain, his job is to help lead the team and help explain plays that they can not do so that they can one day reach the level that they want to be in as a team.


“I know I’m the only one considered captain, but Ochoa and Beto help lead the team as well,” Aceves stated. “Ochoa, Beto, and I run plays and demonstrate to the team how it is supposed to look like.”


Their bond sets the tone on the field and helps their other teammates better themselves.


“We grew a brother-hood from battling on the field and off the field conflicts throughout the years,” Ochoa said. “I just love that we have a brotherhood that can compete with one another to see who’s better without any hard feelings.”


There are certain times during the games where the three are not playing at the same time, but when they all get the chance to be on the field, Leon gets a hype that he claims is unexplainable.


“When we all three are on the field, I feel like it’s D Wade, Bosh, and Lebron playing on the court,” Leon stated. “It’s just pretty cool that I’m competing with my friends while having fun.”
The game of Lacrosse is not just played by three players, but these three make a difference when they are on the field. On Fri., Mar. 13, the DHS lacrosse team had their first win in league over Jordan with the final score being 15-0. Aceves had 3 goals with 3 assists, while Leon and Ochoa had one goal each. Their next game will be on Wed., Mar. 25 at 6 p.m. against Beverly Hills High School.