Super Bowl

On Feb 6, at Downey high school, Mr. Nate Harris expresses his feelings about the Super Bowl, since he grew up being a Seahawk’s fan. “As a child, I remember having Seahawks and Largent posters in my room,” Harris said.

Sophie Prettyman , Staff Writer

The 49th annual Super Bowl was held on Sunday, Feb. 1, and millions of people all over the nation tuned in to root for their favorite teams. The New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks battled it out for the Vince Lombardi trophy that comes with Super Bowl victory, ultimately ending in a win for the Patriots at 28-24. Football fans all over the country, including Downey High students and staff, voiced various reactions about the results of the game.


“I go for the Seahawks, so the end of the game really got to me,” Seahawks fan and Downey High senior Malina Lopez said. “Otherwise, it was a really good game.”


One of the most controversial moves during the game was when, instead of having running back Marshawn Lynch make the touchdown, the Seahawks passed the ball to quarterback Russell Wilson on a quick slant. This play was intercepted by Malcolm Butler of the Patriots, which helped them win the game despite the fact that the Seahawks could have had the victory if they executed the simple play successfully.


Diehard Seahawks fan, Downey High film teacher, and Girls Basketball coach Mr. Harris enjoyed the experience of watching the game even though his favorite team lost.


“I was jumping out of my seat when the Seahawks made a miraculous catch near the end of the game, and then there was the agony of the defeat when they lost,” Harris said. “Even though my team lost, the game was still fun to watch for me. I think sports add a lot to American culture and being a sports fan makes life more fun in general.”


Other Downey High students and staff enjoyed the game and celebrated during parties with friends, family, and food. Football fan and Downey High senior Brianna Chale celebrated game day with friends, family, and food even though her favorite team, the Cowboys, was not playing.


“My family had a Super Bowl party, so we watched the game and had a potluck,” Chale said. “I also had three friends over and we cheered and had a good time.”


Although the actual football game was the major event, other people watched the game for its notably entertaining commercials and the halftime show, in which pop star Katy Perry, rocker Lenny Kravitz, and rapper Missy Elliott performed.


The 50th Super Bowl will be played next year on a Sunday in early January 2016. Until then, NFL teams will continue to devote their time to practicing in the hopes of making it to the big game next year and taking home the victory.