Boys Lacrosse game


Mayra Castro

At Downey High School on Fri., Mar. 7, varsity lacrosse player Nicholas Silva, 12, plays against Birmingham High School to start the season. Downey lost with a score of 8 to 9.

Sabrina Fuentes, News Section Editor

The Downey boys lacrosse team lost its first game on Fri, Mar. 7, against Birmingham High school with a score of 8-9.

Before the game, Joseph Ochoa, 11, mid-fielder and defensive, shared his predictions for this upcoming season.

“We have a good chance if the team comes together,” Ochoa said, “ I really do believe that we can accomplish something great.”

The first half started with Downey winning 2-1, with the star players of the half being #13 Sal Cordova and #3 Nico Silva who scored endless goals into the net. It was a sight to behold; there were people at the edge of their seats, and coaches going half insane, yelling, and screaming out plays on the field.

By the second quarter, the score was 5-4 with Birmingham in the lead. As Eddie Alvarez, #15, stayed at the goal, the team is continued to struggle, only making 2 shots, while Birmingham advance to 4 shots.

As the second half pulled through, the third quarter score was 7-5 Downey. Mid-way through the game, two Birmingham players were injured #99, Ignacio Solario and #66 Anthony Bizarro. There were players running back in and other players running back out, hoping to get the sweet taste of victory. Downey made 3 shots by Cesar Guerrero, #18, and Birmingham made 0 shots.

As sweat ran down their faces and the turf pummeled beneath their feet, the fourth quarter was underway as the team struggled to take the lead,  8-8 in the last 25 seconds, with Downey only making one shot by Elijah Hamiliton, #22, and Birmingham making 4 shots. Then finally, Birmingham scored and the buzzer rang; Downey stood in defeat.

Senior, Javier Cervantes, defensive player, had very little to say after the game had ended, but was able to explain what the team can do better for the next game.

“By playing harder and never quittin’,” Cervantes said.

Senior, Andre Alvarez knows what the team is able to do better for the next game.

“I think it just takes time on the field and lot of practice,” Alvarez said. “Eventually we’ll get there.”

Downey lost its first game with a score 8-9 against Birimngham. Their next game is set against Glendale High School.