Playing for hope

On Dec. 6, both teams competing in the soccer tournament race towards the ball to score another goal. Team Biola ended with the score of 8-2.

Mia Dixon Slaughter, Social Media Manager

On Friday, Dec. 6, students and staff gathered to play in a soccer tournament for the Soccer with Hope organization in support of suicide awareness , raising a sum of over $350.

During the tournament, two games were being played on both sides of the field. A total of eight games were played, starting off with the ASB team versus the girls soccer team, which Mr. Houts and Mr. Zegara were added on to.

During the first game, the amateur ASB players ran around, and scattered all over the field to try to get the ball from the CIF winning soccer players and the administrators. The highlight of the game was when ASB member, Marjan Abubo, who was playing goalie for his team, caught a goal and passed it to opposing member, Mr. Houts. The crowd chuckled at the mistake.

Junior Maritza Acuna thought the way Mr. Houts and Mr. Zegara played during their game was comical.

“Mr. Houts was shoving people with his body,” Acuna said, “and Mr. Zegara even pushed a kid away by putting his hand in his face. They were really competitive, but everything they were doing was against the rules; it was pretty funny.”

The tournament continued on with teams going head to head and ended with the final teams Biola and team Rio Downey. Team Biola worked together to score a goal against their opposing team, and continued to score easily throughout the game. Team Rio Downey put up a strong defense but ultimately, it was not enough to keep Team Biola from scoring three more times. Team Biola defeated Rio Downey with a score of four to zero and the winning team was awarded with Starbucks gift cards.

This year is the school’s first year participating with Soccer with Hope. A mother whose soccer player daughter committed suicide five years ago started the organization. She then started the Soccer with Hope organization to raise money so that her organization can travel to promote suicide awareness and prevention. The girls soccer team walked around school collecting money to donate to Soccer with Hope.

The idea to have the tournament came from the varsity girls soccer team. They are playing in a charitable game at Yorba Linda High School this week and wanted to help out even more so they decided to host a tournament.

Students were excited about the tournament and the cause. Junior, Matthew Leverde, wanted to help the cause but was also looking forward to playing.

“We just wanted to have fun,” Leverde said, “and I guess by us playing and getting other people to play raised a lot of money for it so that was really cool. We got to play and help.”

Coach Godfrey, the girls soccer coach, was proud of the turnout for the game and the organization.

“The turnout was better than we anticipated,” Godfrey said. “I didn’t know if we would have enough participants, but we actually had to turn some down!”

In total the game raised over $350 and had 70 students participants eager to help, come out and play. The tournament was successful as it allowed the students to help contribute to the cause while still having fun.