Volleyball victory over cross-town rival

With a final score of 25-11, the varsity volleyball girls take the win against Warren on Wednesday, Oct. 8. “It’s always a good feeling to beat our hometown rivals,” Borlongan said.

Moises Martinez, Writer/ Community Editor

The Downey’s Girls volleyball team took on Warren on Tuesday, Oct. 8, at the Warren gym, as their second league game of the season. The game, played on Warren’s home turf at 5:30 p.m., proved to be a short match for the Lady Vikes who won in only three game periods.

The gym was packed with attendees who were there to show their support for both sides but also to support the breast cancer awareness theme of the match. Fans and players alike sported their pink shirts and ribbons the whole night. Before the match, team captains Bela Gamboa, 10, and Amy Crowell, 11, expressed their attitudes toward the game.

“We feel so excited because it’s Downey [vs.] Warren,” Crowell said, “ The games are always so big.”

After a loss by JV, the varsity girls took their place on the court and did their warm-up exercises. Soon enough, the first period began with Warren taking the lead. Before the crowd knew it, Downey caught up in a matter of minutes. An 8-point streak led by Bela Gamboa’s court tips and Kimberly Schnars’ spikes brought Downey back into action, ending the first period in a win of 28-26.

As the second period began, the Downey faction of the gym cheered on the girls with ASB leading the chants. Downey triumphed over the Bears again ending with a score of 25-14. The crowd applauded at number 12, junior Kimberly Schnars’ continuous spikes into Warren’s side of the court.

The third period brought another streak for Downey, this time one of ten points. As the game neared its end, the Downey fans unanimously stood and waved one finger in the air reminding the girls they were only one point away from winning the game. The last period culminated with a scoreboard of 25-11 in favor of Downey. Downey’s girls celebrated as supporters crowded them with praises of congratulations. Many lined up to take pictures of the girls as well. Andrea Sims, head coach for Downey’s volleyball team admitted it was a tough victory.

“I’m happy we battled when we were down,” Sims said. “Overall, it was a very emotional win for these girls and I’m very proud of them.”

The night was filled with memorable plays and cheering fans of the girls. Junior Kimberly Schnars, one of the night’s players with the most points scored, gave her thoughts on the match and how it might affect their future games.