From the field to the dance floor


Celeste Lira

During the Homecoming game, Justin Huff, 10, makes a touchdown that assists the Vikings win 28 to 12, at the Allen Layne Stadium, on Oct. 26. Huff made 12 out of the 28 points for the Vikings.

Marilyn Ramirez, Copy Editor/Co-Editor-in-Chief

The Viking football team defeated Dominguez 28-12 at the Homecoming Game on Oct. 26, in order to qualify for the San Gabriel Valley League Championship with an overall record of 5-3 and a league record of 2-1. Pressure was even higher due to a loss to Paramount, 21-17, the previous week.


Similar to last year’s game between the opponents, the end of the first quarter stood with no score for either team. It wasn’t until sophomore Justin Huff made a 39-yard touchdown run, at the 8:53 mark of the second quarter, that changed the game for the Vikes.


“It felt really cool just to be out there, especially making the first TD,” Huff said.


Huff ignited a flame of determination in the varsity players as they moved through the following two quarters, pushing Dominguez further away from victory, ending the third with a score of 28-0.


The halftime show gave the team a break while the dance team jumped into a Halloween themed routine to the classic “A Pirate’s Life for Me.” As the dancers exited the crowd, the Homecoming Court made their popular entrance being driven on motorcycles around the track.


“They looked really beautiful out there,” Margaret Huera, 10, said. “My friend was a princess and it was cool to see the whole court come in on motorcycles.”


As they made their way onto the platform, Homecoming King Mario Galvin enacted a gentleman awaiting his dinner date, while the nominees stood to the side with silver platters beside them, one holding the crown of the Homecoming Queen. As they were lifted, the crown was found next to Daize Castellanos, who excitedly wore the crown as Galvin took her as his date.


“I just couldn’t believe it,” Castellanos said. “I’m really happy and I hope we have a fun time tomorrow at Homecoming!”


Although there was controversy on who should have been voted for queen, students like Alicia Johnson, 12, attempted to appease the situation.


“It’s just crazy how so many people thought it was for certain going to be Kisha [Wheat],” Johnson said. “They were like, We want Kisha! We want Kisha! but I mean, there’s only so much you can say. [Daize] is probably really happy right now, and we should just be happy for her and move on.”


After the crowd had settled, the third quarter started with a touchdown at the 11:41 mark by Jorge Reyna.


“[Reyna] killed out there with that touchdown,” George Ramirez said. “He just pushed the team ahead with that TD and Dominguez has little chance of catching up with Downey’s defense.”


Ramirez may have spoken with the events in the game so far: Dominguez had a score of 0 with four injuries so far in the game. He disregarded the fact, however, of the change of players from first to second and third string. This caused a perceived inflation of ego that allowed the Dons to intercept 2 passes between the Vikings and a shortage of defense. Although Downey took the victory 28-12, Coach Williams did not appreciate the passage of touchdowns.


“You guys shouldn’t have let them pass you,” Williams said. “There was no way they could’ve made it without some solid defense.


Regardless of the score, the Vikings enjoyed their win and carried the excitement onto the next evening where Rio Hondo Country Club held Homeoming, themed “A Night at Sea.” From 8:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m., attendees took to the dance floor for the evening after checking in and taking photos. Opinions on the quality of the dance varied.


“It was pretty cool,”  Crysal Fernandez, 12, said. “The venue was nice and I loved dancing! I just wish there was more Spanish songs.”


Johnathon Martinez, 12, felt differently about Homecoming.


“I don’t know, the Dj was kind of lame so it was hard for people to get into it,” Martinez said. “The ‘No Freaking’ sign was funny though; it was being tossed everywhere.”


Many people remained the entire night to watch the traditional dance between Homecoming King and Queen, nibble on finger foods, and stick with friends on the dance floor. As the night neared its end, attendees were not quite ready to go home; many headed toward restaurants like In-N-Out and Olive Garden or to friends’ houses to keep the party going.


This “Night at Sea” became a memorable one for most students as they anxiously wait for what’s in store for them at Winter Formal.