Girls volleyball dominate La Habra Highlanders


After the girls varsity volleyball team warms up, Heather Schnars, 12, serves the defeating spike against the La Habra Highlanders, in the gym, on Sept. 14. With a score of 3-0, the lady Vikes never faltered.

Julia Ruiz, Sports Editor

One of the first pre-season games was victorious as the girls varsity volleyball team defeated the La Habra Highlanders on Thursday, Sep. 15, at the DHS gym, with a score of 3-0.

Parents and fellow Vikings supported the girls after both JV and frosh/soph fell to the Highlanders. The whistle blew as the first match kicked off with both teams starting off strongly. From the sidelines, Coach Sims encouraged and guided her girls as they dominated La Habra, winning the set 25-9, with a final spike from captain and middle blocker Heather Schnars.

“We won the first game pretty fast and were able to bring down their confidence,” middle blocker and outside hitter Joy Miley said.

Inspired by their win, the lady Vikes improved their game as they opened the scoreboard with a spike from captain Makayla Taylor; however, the visitors rose to the occasion and trailed behind their hosts closing in on the Vikings’ lead. With the score at 22-15, a timeout for the Highlanders proved too late, as Schnars’ spike afterward gave the girls the winning point.

“La Habra really improved their game in the second match,” senior Alfredo Muñoz said. “They were definitely not an easy opponent.”

The final game proved to be the toughest as it was the last opportunity for La Habra to make a comeback and they pushed through to the very end. They opened up the scoreboard but spikes and serves from Joy Miley and Kimberly Schnars respectively kept the Vikes atop. With solid communication and the crowd’s support, Sims’ girls won the final match 25-19.

“The game went really well,” Schnars said. “We had a lot of energy and were able to push through to win.”

As current CIF champions, there is much pressure for the girls to defend their title and better their statistics.

“We definitely feel a target on our backs, but we feel we can win again,” Schnars said.

The girls varsity volleyball team plans to reach CIF once again through hard work and perseverance. They continue their league on Oct. 13 with a home game against the Lynwood Knights.