Boys Volleyball face a Warren defeat

Boys Volleyball face a Warren defeat

On an attempt to block his opponent, Matt Losetter jumps as high as he can to hit the volleyball back to Warren’s side of the court. Unfortunately, the Vikings lost to Warren 2-3 on April 12, even though the boys put all of their skills to trial against their long-term rivals.

Julia Ruiz, Sports Editor

The boys varsity volleyball team lost a tough game against the Warren Bears on Tuesday, Apr 12 with a score of 3-2. With the stands full of encouragement from both the Vikings and the Bears, the gym’s atmosphere grew with excitement as the rivals fought hard on the court.

As the first round began, Warren quickly advanced in the scoreboard, but the Viking boys worked hard to keep the gap as close as possible. Good communication was kept up throughout both teams as they fought on to stay atop; and, the Bears’ hard work paid off as they won the match.

In the second round, the boys found themselves stepping up their game against the Bears. The Vikes played hard this time leading the scoreboard. Yet, Warren did not fall down easily as they trailed the Vikes closely, responding to the boys’ intensive plays. The game found itself tied at 14-points and the pressure built as the audience grew rowdy. As the boys kept the score close with a 2-point gap, Warren managed to advance past the Vikes. In the end, the Bears prevailed winning the round with a score of 25-23.

The third set began with high tensions as the Vikes once again led the scoreboard. The boys appeared much more confident despite the last two losses as their communication and plays grew stronger. The game was once again tied at 20-points and the pressure build for both teams as the win could go either way. The round drew to a close and a dispute erupted as points were questioned. The Bears allegedly played on an outside ball, but they denied it and were given a point. The Bears also failed to rotate their servers and the referees decided to take away Warren’s two points, and the score was back to 25-24. In the end the Vikes won the round 27-26.

“It was exciting to see Downey win after losing the first two games,” junior Samantha Kang said. “It seemed like we still had a chance to beat Warren.”

With the Vikings’ win, the game extended with two more sets. The fourth set proceeded with a close match as both teams were now battling for the win. The boys put up a hard fight as only a small gap kept the Vikes in the lead. As the game continued, the home team gradually advanced and the match resulted with a Viking win with a score of 25-23.

Tensions rose entering the fifth and final match of the night as the game was tied with a score of 2-2. Warren immediately stepped up their game and led the scoreboard. The Vikes struggled to stay in the game and played a tough set giving it their all. The round proceeded and the Bears continued to get ahead moving up on the scoreboard and winning the match 15-9 along with the game.

“I think we could have dominated. We played really hard all the way to the end,” middle hitter Matt Lostetter said. “We’re both pretty good teams. I think we could get them next time.”

With a large crowd full of parents, friends, and students, the players felt motivated knowing that they had the support of their fellow audience members pushing them forward.

“I’m not used to playing with so many people in the crowd but it gave me a lot of energy because I fed off that,” setter Patrick Waters said. “Their yelling gets me pumped and I pump my whole team up.”

The game proved tough for the Vikes despite their efforts and hard work, but the league continues as four games are left before the end of the season.

“As long as we keep doing what we’re doing, we could win this,” Lostetter said.

The boys’ next game will be against the Paramount Pirates at home on Tuesday Apr. 26 at 3:15.