Girls Varsity Soccer crush Bears 5-2


During the final game of the season on Feb. 9, Makayla Taylor focuses on getting past Warrens’ defensive players at the Allen Layne Stadium. The Lady Vikes Varsity soccer team took home a win against the Warren Bears with a score of 4-2, which took them to the CIF finals.

Thomas Beltran, Arts & Entertainment Editor

The Lady Vikes were in top form as they beat Warren 5-2 Wednesday, Feb 9 at Allen Layne Stadium. Players from both sides knew this game wasn’t just another game during the season but it was a game to determine who the best team in Downey was. The kickoff started at 4:49; Vikes started with the ball.

“The game really meant a lot because for the past four years this game against Warren is what us seniors really look forward to,” senior and goalie Lorena Ruiz said.

Already fourty seconds into the game, Warren had won a corner kick. The Bears were so close to making the score 1-0 but the Vikes were brick walls in the area of defense. Nine minutes later, a corner from the left came soaring in on Warren’s side leading to a header from Makayla Taylor to make the score 1-0.

“The first goal is always important,” senior and midfielder Stephanie Gonzalez said. “It put Warren’s mood down, which helped up during the game.”

The crowd, still riled up from the last goal, had something to cheer about ten minutes after the last goal as senior forward Brandi Neilan scored with a volleyed header; the goalie had no chance of stopping the successful shot.

“The first time we played Warren they were a lot tougher, but this time around they seemed easier,” Neilan said. “We definitely had a security blanket after the second goal was scored.”

After halftime the Bears were down 2-0, but were still fighting back. Downey’s defense made it almost impossible to even reach the penalty box. At the seventy-fifth minute, a radical kick from defender Jazmon Wedlow came flying in from the 45-yard line and curved right into the top right corner of the net, leaving the crowd and team in awe.

Three minutes past and the next goal was added to the Vikes lead. A successful strike is scored by midfielder Stephanie Juanillo, just beating the goalie and tapping the ball into the net. Two minutes after Downey’s goal, Warren scores off a corner kick making it 4-1 and one minute before the final whistle blew, the ref gave Warren a free kick changing the score to 5-2.

Overall the Lady Vikes ended their league season 9-0-1 allowing them to go onto first round of CIF. The team hopes to go to finals.

“With hard work and determination we can win,” Ruiz said.

With last year’s team almost reaching finals, this CIF achievment means a lot to the players and staff of ladies’ soccer. CIF championship is definitely a realistic goal for the Vikes. They’re wishing to win and bring a long awaited championship to Downey.