Cheerios for victory

Wendy Mora, Staff Writer

Varsity Cheer dominated the United Spirit Association Regional Competition at Santa Margarita High School by taking first place in the Intermediate Varsity Level on Jan 15. The squad worked on their routine for countless hours, even since the summer before the school year began. Their exertion and will to perfect the routine has allowed them to meet the criteria for nationals, which will be held in March.

“I’m very proud of the girls because they’ve worked very hard and are very competitive,” Mrs. Patterson said. “It’s their second year in an intermediate level so they have really been progressing.”

Before they competed, the girls had about an hour to warm up and stretch for their stunts. They rehearsed during their spare time and made a few mistakes, but the girls persevered until they were absolutely ready to perform their “Glee Mix” routine. The time came for all eyes to be on them and they were ready to go out on stage and nail their performance.

“I was a little nervous about the stunts because we had to keep rehearsing them in practice,” senior Raven Gay said. “Other than that I am very happy and proud of the team because we all work very well together.”

Assistant coach Evan Miller choreographed their routine and was at the competition to assist the girls in any last minute preparations. Entering the floor enthusiastic and vociferous, Varsity Cheer began their routine while the Junior Varsity Cheer Squad proudly cheered for them on the sidelines.

“I look at this competition as one step closer to nationals,” junior Nichelle Esquitin said. “I think we actually have a chance in making it all the way.”

Before the results were out, all of the squads were invited to take a seat in the center of the floor. The squad’s division was called and the placements were announced from 6th to 1st place. Excitement grew as they heard every school’s name before their own and were finally announced the first place champions in USA competition. With high hopes, the Viking Cheer squad will continue on to Nationals at Disney Land.