Girls Water polo reign over Gahr: 13-2


Preparing to block her rival against Bell Gardens, Janel Madrigal stops the competition from scoring at the Downey City Pool on Jan. 17. Vikings conquered Bell Gardens with a final score of 11-7.

For a opening of the 2011 Girls water polo season, the team play their first San Gabriel Valley League match on Thursday, January 13. They proved to be victorious with a final score of 13 to 2.

The game began with an immediate goal, followed by 3 more goals quickly into the game.

“I pretty much was expecting to win this game,” Center Sarah Gomez said. “ I was very satisfied with our first league win.”

The girls continued to fight for a win and performed their duties of teamwork. The lady Viking water polo team exhibited organization with 2 goals made by well-practiced plays including several dry passes, which involves the passing of the ball to two players and then scoring.

Sarah Gomez and Meghan Nevarez performed a dry pass, and made successful scoring goals, helping their team by offering different tactics and quick passes across the pool. It took the girls to a 7-0 lead.

“We had a lot of communication during this game, I know we lack a little bit of that this year but we defeniately had it this game.” Lead scorer Meghan Nevarez said.

With Gahr’s coach yelling; “Build the defense ladies!” the Downey girls took their chance at conquering the opponents weaknesses.

The game continued, and the lady vikes continued to build their defense and ended the game with a winning goal by Daisy who took the ladies to a final score of 13-2.

“ I felt that we had a lot of pressure but it’s okay we had plenty of time to work it out and get this game in.” Goalie Faith Hundtoft said.

The ladies continued their winning streak with a 13-7 win over Bell Gardens and a victory over Paramount.

“ I think with Bell Gardens we went in strong and we got that victory we definitely deserved.” Hundtoft said.

The girls are hoping to continue their success as the San Gabriel Valley league begins to enter the phase of no return.