Girls basketball defeat Lancers in double over-time


With a defensive stance, Dimitria Love goes up for a 2-point shot against La Serna on Dec. 7. The Lady Vikes ended victorious with the ending score of 36 to 33.

Wendy Mora, Staff Reporter

After double over-time and an injury on La Serna’s side so severe the paramedics were informed, the varsity girls basketball team finally conquered the game 36 to 33, on the evening of December 7. The ladies had a tremendous amount of confidence before the game and made comments like, “It’s a given for us to beat La Serna.” Confidence, teamwork, and defense all lead to their strategic victory against the Lancers.

“It was my first time in double over time,” post, Dimitria Love said, “ but, those are the fun moments in basketball. Doing whatever it takes to make a basket, playing hard, listening to Coach Walker. It all pays off.”

The Vikes were behind by about 5 points throughout the entire first and second quarter, but finally decided to turn the game around returning from half time, finishing the third quarter 25 to 19. Defense was not as superior during fourth quarter, allowing La Serna to make 10 extra points.

“The game was intense and scary,” point guard, Rayana Villalpando said. “I’m kind of glad it’s over and happy that we won.”

Toward the end of fourth quarter Love fouls and contributes to their winning score by making one of two free throws. With 48 seconds left on the clock in the final quarter, the Lady Vikes received a turnover. Now on offense, they quickly and carefully passed the ball to Love who laid it up, tying the game 29-29 at the final buzzer. Over-time then began and the crowd rose to their feet at every attempted basket. Coming along strong on defense, Anissa Segura packed the ball from the opponent who tried to make a lay up. One minuet and a half left on over-time and the Vikes were down by one, until Kaylen Lane hits a 3 pointer, putting the Vikes in the lead. Without hesitation, La Serna followed up with a 2 point shot, tying the game 32 to 32 once again at the final buzzer.

“I was really nervous and scared because I had a few seconds left on the clock and I held possession of the ball,” Anissa Segura said, “I could’ve ruined it in a second if I did anything wrong.”

Now in double over time, defense fights hard on both teams, La Serna gets fouled, but only makes 1 free throw. Vikes get fouled soon after and Segura follows up with both her free throws, which sets the score 34-33, Vikes in the lead. The Vikes finished them off with Segura making another 2 point shot to end the night 36-33. The fans then rose to their feet and cheered for their victorious team. Tears of joy and frustration arose because of the well-fought basketball battle.

“Warren, here we come.” Varsity basketball warned, “Don’t underestimate us this year.”

The girls celebrated and congratulated each other. Their nerves then relaxed as they