Girls Water polo defeated by Lakewood 7-8


Aiming at the net, Meghan Nevarez, 10, attempts a goal throw on December 9th against Lakewood at the Downey Aquatics Center. The girls fought hard and took the game to sudden death, losing with a score of 7-8.

John Franco, Sports Editor

On December 9 at the Downey aquatics center, the girls varsity water polo team played a preseason match against the Lakewood lancers and lost 7 to 8.

The game began with an intense fight for the ball but no score was made quickly in the first period. Even though periods last 7 minutes the lady vikes made their first goal 32 minutes into the second part.

The girls made a goal efficiently as defensive player Sarah Gomez passed the ball to her teammate and the girls prepared to score by performing a dry pass and getting the ball into the corner. The vikes were tie, at 1 to 1.

“I feel that the game was played well, I know we could’ve gotten a victory but unfortunately we didn’t.” Defensive wing Nicole Franklin said.

Into the second period, the girls were in constant fights for the ball and the coaches yelled out the much repeated phrase: Attack the ball ladies! The vikes were organizing themselves and rushed to defend the goalie but unfortunately couldn’t hold a wet pass from the lancers which put the score at 1 to 3.

“My team was playing good and I know in the second period, we had a good shot of taking the lead.” Right defensive back Faith Hundtoft said.

With many attempts to maintain the ball in the 3 period the girls couldn’t hold it and the Lakewood defense passed the ball and scored, taking them to a 5-3 lead.

Once the fourth period began the girls fought but didn’t manage to score and they were trailing 4-7.

“I was really frustrated but it was an okay game, a satisfying way to start the season.” Gomez said.

The girls continued to play but lost with a final score of 7-8. They hoped that this was a lesson for them, and an experience to show that the lady water polo teams in the San Gabriel Valley League are up for a challenge.