Vikings eat bear meat


Leaving Warren players staggered on the field, Jabari Ruffin, 11, runs down the grid iron during the last home game of the season on November 11. The Vikes sent the Bears home with a score of 27-16, qualifying them for CIF.

Roy Mendoza Copy Editor

It was a victorious night on Nov. 11 as the Viking football team dominated the Warren Bears with the total score of 27-16, leading Downey another step closer to attending CIF.

Excitement was felt all over the place as students and staff began entering the crowded Allen Layne Stadium. Vikings of all different classes walked in with high hopes and a sense of indemnity for the upcoming game. It was a slow start during the first quarter. The struggling team kept up a strong defense for the first couple plays and managed to prevent the bears from scoring any touchdowns.

“The game was really exciting,” junior Faith Hundtoft said. “Everyone was yelling and cheering even if they didn’t understand the technicalities of football.”

Although Warren got the chance to score a field goal during the first part of the second quarter, the team successfully proved that they were ready to dominate on the field. Only 1:27 seconds into the game, wide receiver Perry Gomez got the better of the Bears and made a shocking interception during their first down. It was running back Kyle Lewis that allowed the roars of the Vikings to be heard all across the stadium scoring Downey’s first touchdown in the game. Yet even a situation like this wouldn’t give Lewis the chance of having a touchdown get to his head.

“Coach Williams always tells me ‘never be content’ so that sticks with me. I’m never satisfied and always think there’s some room for improvement,” Lewis said.

After the second quarter, the team was ready to get up and take the gold. Along with the impressing move played by Gomez, he also succeeded to get the ball down to the 30-yard line, which ultimately gave quarter back Dallas Lopez the chance of scoring. Apart from the dismay given by yet another touchdown from Warren, Viking students all over the stadium were awaiting the chance for Downey to score. Yet among the many players, it was main wide receiver Jabari Ruffin that led the way for the team’s upsurge in performance.

“Oh man, our team did pretty good,” Lopez said. “Not just the players on the field, everyone got together and executed.”

Possibilities seemed limitless when it came to the fourth quarter. Once again Ruffin proved himself noteworthy as he victoriously made an interception and took it down to the 15-yard line. From there, he passed the responsibility down to wide receiver Miles Claiborne who scored Downey’s final touchdown, ending the game with the score of 27-16. As the points on the scoreboard favored the Vikings, many students from Warren decided to leave the game, neutrally accepting their loss.

“I’m glad we all came together during the second half,” Gomez said. “It was the unity we had that let us win the game.”

All in all, the Downey vs. Warren proved itself to be a night full of cheering and excitement when it came to both the Bears and Vikings alike.