Boys water polo pummels Obispo in CIF


Juan Rivas sets up one of the many plays that set the Vikings in the lead, resulting in a score of 10-7 against San Luis Obispo in their first round of CIF. Though their CIF experience was cut short in the second round, the boys lead a clean season of 21-5 and ranked second in league.

For the first CIF match of the year, the boys varsity water polo team conquered the San Luis Obispo Tigers 10-7 on Nov 10 at the Downey Aquatics Center.

Only five minutes into the first quarter, it became clear that the Vikings were not going to have an easy victory. The boys, though strong at passing and intercepting, were faced against a formidable opposing goalkeeper. They shot multiple times, only to have the ball deflected, but thanks to teamwork and coordination, the Vikes managed to keep the Tigers on defense and scored seven points by the start of halftime.

The Vikings, however, could not afford to let their guards down. The Tigers had managed to gain possession several times during the first two quarters and had bagged five points, making the score a close 7-5.

“We were playing really good,” Danny Montoro said, “but the key to our victory was that we played aggressively. We had to make sure that we kept the ball away from the other team or they would score.”

The boys continued to play strong offense in the final two quarters, showing accuracy and diligence in their passing. After the opposing goalkeeper blocked two consecutive shots, the Tigers fouled. Team co-captain Derek Dodson used this foul shot to boost the score to 8-5. Shortly after, Dodson intercepted a pass and tossed the ball to Keith Rodriguez, who shot it into the net and bumped the score up 9-5. The opposing side then managed to gain possession of the ball and scored two points, but fouled once again, giving team captain Derek Klotzer the opportunity to pass to Rodriguez. Rodriguez then threw the ball into the goal and scored the last point of the match. The Tigers missed the remainder of their shots, and the game ended with a 10-7 Viking victory.

“In the beginning, we were expecting them to be good, and they scored like two quick goals. But in the end, we ended up dominating,” Dodson said.

The teamwork and technique of the Vikes carried them to victory against the Tigers. Though the boys lost to Agora High School on Saturday, the team was satisfied with what they had achieved.

“This was the first time in a long time that we won a CIF match,” Rodriguez said. “Though we didn’t take the title, we should still be extremely proud because for over ten years, our team was never able to get past the first round.

The boys’ level of unity has allowed them reach new heights. Though many members of the team will soon be graduating, this victory has ensured that the boys will be remembered for the years to come.