Vikings wipe off the Dons


The varsity girls volleyball team were victorious against Dominguez High School on Oct. 12, Breana Alcantara, and her team mate Makayla Taylor, jumped to hit the ball for another winning score. The total of the three scores of 25-3, 25-4, and 25-13.

Julia Ruiz, Sports Editor

The varsity volleyball girls quickly got down to business and showed no fear against the Dons; in a matter of minutes they were in the lead at their match on Oct 12. From the sidelines, Coach Sims guided and cheered on her girls.

“They did so well serving and passing but need to keep their communication up at all times,” Coach Sims said.

In the third game of the match, the Dons began to step up their game and started rising on the scoreboard, but that didn’t worry the Vikes as they kept on fighting.

“I noticed we were making a lot of mistakes but I knew we had nothing to worry about,” setter and outside hitter Staci Rodriguez said. The Dons efforts weren’t enough as the third and final game ended with a score of 25-13, giving the Vikes another win.

Although the girls are undefeated in league, the team is still working hard to improve their sportsmanship.

“We’ve been working on communication and staying strong and unified during the game,” middle blocker Breana Alcantara said.

On October 19, the girls hosted Warren for the Breast Cancer Awareness game and beat them with scores of 25 to 14, 25 to 12, and 25 to 13.