D-house advantage


With a score of 17-9, the Viking football players strive for a winning night on Oct. 1 against the Bell Eagles; the Vikes’ strong defense made a noticeable impact on the score that night. Allen Lane Stadium was pounding with red and gold pride that night as the audience cheered for their home team.

John Franco, Sports Editor

As the sun set on October 1, the Varsity football team played another league match against the Bell Eagles defeating them 17 to 9 at the Allen Layne Stadium.

The boys were ready to fight as they had lost the prior game against La Habra 20 to 49.

“I felt that the last game wasn’t as good as we wanted it,” running back Sebastian Parga said “we had some mental problems that we could of got by.”

During first down versus the Eagles the defense was kept tight and line backer Jabari Ruffin scored the first touchdown 30 minutes into the game .It took the team to a six to zero lead.

“I was nervous, but I forced myself to get that touchdown,” Ruffin said.

In the second quarter the boys countered an interception against them at the ten yard line. Ruffin soon carried the ball and put the team at 13 to 7 an hour into the game.

At half time the boys were up 14 to 7 and the team was planning to increase their defense.

“I felt we had to get those Eagles a lot stronger,” defensive back Perry Gomez said “we couldn’t let them beat us on our own turf.”

In the third quarter Ruffin carried the Vikes into a closing score of 17 to 9, holding the Eagles back and coming out victorious.

The Vikes are now 4 to 2 in league as they look forward to taking on Paramount October 22.