A new beginning

Mercy Watkins

Varsity kicked off the first game of the season victorious with a score of 35 to 24 against the La Serna Lancers Friday Sept 10. At Allen Layne Stadium.

The Vikings entered the field with high hearts, hoping to clench the titles they rightfully deserve. Running back Kyle Lewis led the pack by scoring the first touchdown in the first drive of the game. Vikings were lead by Quarterback Dallas Lopez, Running back, Kyle Lewis and receiver Jabari Ruffin. The Lancers tried their hardest to catch up, but they were no matches for the Vikings newly found strength.

Varsity has endured relentless training all summer long. Even now that school has started they endure Monday through Wednesday zero period before first period and after school practices. Jabari Ruffin claims there is not a varsity member that complains about their long hours of practice.

“We had long hours of practice, but all of those hours paid up, in this one game.” Ruffin said.

Ruffin scored at 7 minutes 11 seconds in the third quarter, keeping their defense strong. Daniel Oviel scored the last touchdown in the fourth quarter, sealing the victory for the varsity team.

Players like defense Robert Chism credit the new head coach Jack Williams for their win.

“ Coach Williams is one of the best coaches Downey is going to have.” Chism said.

The boys continue to fight. They defeated Schurr 29 to 26. But they weren’t victorious against La Habra losing 20-49. The Vikes now stand 2 to 1 in season. They now look to take on the Bell Eagles on Oct. 1.