A time to remember

Rosa Ramirez

The Varsity Girls Softball team was victorious against Oak Park High School on May 20 at the Downey softball field for the CIF competition, ending with a score of 1-0.

The softball girls played and lost to Warren but made it to CIF in second place and won the game against Oak Park High School in the first round. They tried their hardest to make it where they are now even though they lost their last game on May 25 against Mission Viejo High School in second.

Softball’s leading girls are some of the strongest players who make a strong impression to the crowd and softball coach. They play with determination and simplicity.

“Debra Lavel and Eileen Rico are leading the team,” Desirae Romero said.

Before playing against Oak Park High School, some of the softball players were nervous since they lost the league finals.

“We were so nervous, but we were happy we made it CIF and beat Oak Park High School,” Desirae Romero said.

Hard work in practices allowed he girls to beat Oak Park in the first CIF game, leaving a lasting impression of the Downey crowd.

“I was so happy we made it this far and beat Oak Park High School,” Stacy Rodriguez said.

By putting in hard work, the girls took second place in league and made it all the way to the second round of CIF.