Running down the Bears

Joe Hill

The girls’ track and field team traveled across town to compete in an evening meet against the rival Bears on Wednesday April 28. The team pulled through victoriously in their final league meet of the season with a score of 69-67.

The points tallied up for the Vikings beginning with the first initial of the afternoon. The girls’ 400-meter relay team placed first which consisted of Nicole Holigores, Alexandria Oropeza, Kristin Johnson, and Annalise Weisenburger.

“We have been looking forward to this meet all season and we are going too show everyone that Downey is better than Warren,” Weisenburger said.

The team also swept the 100-meter high hurdles. Senior Johanna Umana placed gold, Junior Sol Ochoa received silver, and junior Jaz’mon Wedlow earned bronze.

“Sweeping the hurdles shows that Warren cannot compete with us,” Ochoa said.

Slicing through the Bears and sealing the victory was the 1600-meter relay team: senior Krystal Rojas, junior Brittany Householder, senior Kameya Johnson, and senior Cristina Matthews.

“I knew I had to give my team a lead so that we could take the gold,” Rojas said.

The girls finish league with five wins and only 1 loss. They look forward to league prelims and next weeks finals.