Going for another bear beat down

John Franco

On April 20, the boys volleyball team headed across town to compete, in hopes of another Bear beat down and won all three games. The first game’s score was 25-23. The game was tough as the team gained and lost points rapidly. Downey was down at all times, but maintained a constant gain of points.

“It was tough, and we were worried about a loss,” Juan Vasquez said, “but we got that first game in.”

The third game was the turnaround point for the team. If the third game was lost, they would have to compete to play the best out of 5 games. If they won those games they would beat Warren. The score for the second game was 25-16.

“We had our game face on and one goal in mind,” Nick Alvarez said, “to beat those Bears.”

The team continued to fight and strive for a win, which lead the final game to a winning score of 25-19. There was an overall feeling of the team being ready for a win. This was an intense game as Warren gained the upper hand for a while. The team continued to fight, taking control of the game.

“I’m relieved,” David Rivera said. “Our plans, and our techniques worked in our favor tonight.”

The team was in a constant flux with scores gaining and losing but they tried to keep each other optimistic. The team was well coordinated and came together at many times to discuss what they needed to do to win their game.

The team played the game with strength as they all hope for that CIF title once again, and to be the CIF champs of 2010.